Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Plans Towards Maryland Workforce Development

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley launched the EARN initiative in 2013 to encourage and improve the workforce development strategies. EARN Maryland is a state-funded, workforce development program in Maryland that has its focus and strategies for the workforce development in Maryland. It is a flexible, innovating program that seeks to ensure that Maryland employees have access to the talent they need to be competitive in the twenty first century economy.

The program aims at addressing the variety of business demands by focusing exclusively on the workforce needed for a specific sector over some period. It also addresses the needs of workers by enabling formal career paths to quality jobs, reducing barriers to employment while sustaining and growing middle class jobs. It also encourages the mobility of Maryland job seekers through career readiness training in order to cover all sectors of the state’s economy. All this relates to workforce development Maryland.

The program works by investing heavily in strategic industry partnerships from key economic sectors in all regions. These partnerships provide the advantage of coordination across education, workforce and economic development initiatives, appropriately addressing the different needs of companies, starting with the training of skilled workers. Once these partnerships are formed and investors will be put into place to train and educate workers allowing placement with meaningful employment. With this program in place great economic workforce development is expected.

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